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Mega Volume Silk Lash Beautier

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How to Use

  1. Stick the eyelash band on the Magic Lash ™ First Eyelash Palette, according to the length
  2. Magic Lash ™ Tweezers Take silk eyelashes with, create bundles according to the desired density
  3. Dip the bundle of eyelashes you have created into the glue and then glue the bundle of eyelashes to the natural lashes, following the correct technical rules.

How to use Silk Lashes at Magic Lash ™ Academyfind out 

Beautier Silk Lash Features 

Monoflament  PBT Vip Premium Class
Chemical Properties  High Elasticity, natural silky luster, premium black
Number of Bands  16 
Color Black
Pallet Type Mix box 
Thickness 0,06
Fold C natural, D medium, D + max fold
Storage conditions Store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

South Korea Beautier